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CAFÉ & RESTAURANT | Welcome to Nam Chau Hoi Quan
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?i?m tô thêm cho Giáng Sinh An lành 2012. Nhà hàng Nam Châu H?i Quán t? ch?c “CH??NG TR̀NH D? NH?C TI?C BUFFET M?NG GIÁNG SINH” , nh? m?t ti?ng chuông vang l?n góp thêm vào âm h??ng chuông reo Jingle Bells c?a mùa Noel 2014.

Nhà Hàng Nam Châu H?i Quán h?a h?n s? mang khán gi? t?i m?t ?êm Giáng Sinh ?áng nh? v?i l?i trang hoàn ???c chu t?t t? sân chính v?i cây thông Noel th?t l?n,  khuôn viên sân kh?u ???c hàng ngàn ?èn led li ti t?o thành m?t ḍng sông ánh sáng , không khí Noel ?m cúng t?i Nam Châu H?i Quán. Khán gi? tho? s?c v?i c?nh ??p c?a khuôn viên, cùng ch?p h́nh v?i ông già Noel, các ca s?, ngh? s? n?i ti?ng …... tham gia các tṛ ch?i rút th?m may m?n và nh?n quà t? ông già Noel.

Th?i gian: 18h30 - 24:00 ngày 24/12/2014 (TH? T?).

??a ?i?m: T?i Nhà Hàng Nam Châu H?i Quán, 04 Kim Long – 07 V?n Xuân, TP Hu?.

  • Giá vé
    • Ng??i l?n: 269.000 VND/vé. 
    • Tr? em: 149.000 VND/vé. 

Hăy t?n h??ng không khí Giáng Sinh An lành t?i nhà hàng chúng tôi.

Vui ḷng liên h? ?i?n tho?i: 054.3510587.

Kính chúc Quư khách có m?t giáng sinh an lành!

Trân tr?ng kính m?i!

Hotline : Mr M?n: 0907 876 095 - Ms Lành: 0932 509 596 - Ms Uyên: 0122 551 1394
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“Nam Chau” Restaurantnchq

With modern, comfortable interior and appliance which adorned in spacious place, “Nam Chau” Restaurant embodies 2 upper storeys can welcome a more than 1000 guests. It is likely to organize many types of weddings, seminars, conferences, summarization festivals...etc. It has skillful and creative cuisine squadron. Its menu catalogue is copious with Asian – European – Vietnamese – Chinese dishes. Along with hospitable staff squadron, certainly there will make distinguished guest gratification.

Areca Palm Perfume 1” Restaurant

Designed and decorated according to Hue traditional beam house, Areca Palm Perfume 1, With 200 seating tankage, specializes in serving light parties, garden court coffee, Performances of Hue folklor types.

Coming with Areca Palm Perfume 1, you can savour kind of special drinks as well as breakfast dishes with copious menu and so-so prices.




“Areca Palm Perfume 2” Restaurant

Restaurant structure and space bear for you a comfortable feeling. With 200 seating tankage,

It is very likely to give receiving organisation to tourists, essential guests, revel, agency summarization, friends meeting and a place to serve Royal meals and Hue Court music.

Particularly, to organize courses of learning cooking.

Distinguished guests will find not too finical a new gastronomy but plush and elegant.



Garden Court Restaurant

In harmonic context with many ornamental plants and flowers, Garden Court Restaurant is an ideal for friend meeting, satisfaction division, enjoying peculiar kind of drinks and cocktails,

original, abundant dishes which brewed, prepared and served by professional and enthusiastic staff squadron.


Particularly, Buffet is organized at weekend with tens copious dishes and many sale promotion programs and attractive gifts which could satisfy distinguished guest's manifold needs.


With airy space but coziness, Nam Chau Hoi Quan is new reliable place for young couples of the happy day organisation.


Coming to Nam Chau Hoi Quan, One could be counceled to organize ceremonially kowtow to tradition, to choose costume to marry accord, to program special marry items. All bridals at Nam Chau Hoi Quan will be kept to become most memorable happiness times.

Wedding season this year, we prepared many spanking programs unprecedentedly to organize wedding ceremonies as foffow:

-  Betrothal ceremony

- Ancestral worshipping

- Sacrifice marriage God

- Giving away wedding-ring

- Welcoming the bride

- Showing gratitude to the parents

- Infusing Champagne

- Arm intersection and lifting champagne

- Cutting wedding – cake

The programs will arranged thoughtfull, solemnly according to Hue traditional ceremony.

Particularly, sale promotion programs with attractive donations are expectting young couples.

Come to Nam Chau Hoi Quan to more perfect and complete your happiness day.

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     Mùa c??i v? cùng v?i ni?m hân hoan c?a các ?ôi uyên ??ng khi ???c cùng nhau t?n h??ng h?nh phúc ngày vu quy. Ḥa cùng ni?m h?nh phúc ng?t ngào ?ó Nhà hàng Nam Châu H?i Quán t? ch?c ch??ng tŕnh b?c th?m trúng th??ng dành cho các ?ôi uyên ??ng t? ch?c ti?c c??i t?i Nhà hàng Nam Châu H?i Quán trong n?m 2014 v?i nhi?u ph?n quà h?p d?n có t?ng giá tr? gi?i th??ng h?n 55 tri?u ??ng.



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    IMG_4824_CopyNh?ng khách hàng ??u tiên nh?n ???c phi?u b?c th?m trúng th??ng xe HonDa Wave S c?a " Ch??ng tŕnh khuy?n măi mùa c??i n?m 2014 "  khi ??n ??t ti?c c??i t?i Nhà hàng Nam Châu H?i Quán.

    L? b?c th?m ??t 1 s? di?n ra vào ngày 31/6/2014 t?i Nhà hàng Nam Châu H?i Quán.